4 Reasons You Need to Print Business Cards

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We live in a world where digital networking is a key part of everyone’s business. So many begin to ask, "Do I still need a business card?"? Simple answer, Yes! Business cards are still a classic, professional way to get all your contact information into the hands of potential customers. There’s no substitution for this tried-and-true method of direct marketing of yourself, but if you need a little convincing, here’s a list of 4 reasons it’s still wildly important to invest in quality business cards.

1)      It Represents You!

Business Cards are the first impression that a customer gets of you and your brand. When you hand over a crisp, beautifully-designed business card to your customer, it sends several different messages. It conveys that you are professional, prepared and accessible. All of your contact information is at their fingertips, and you are waiting, willing and able to help them. It also demonstrates that as a professional, you would be competent to handle their project. Don’t be that guy or girl that is scribbling your email address on the back of a receipt at the bottom of your briefcase. Hand out your business card confidently!

2)      Business Cards are Easy to Carry!

Business cards a tiny, little marketing tools. Measuring at 3.5" x 2" finished size, they fit in almost any space, we little to no issue. You can also stash business cards in several places so you’re never caught without one! You never know when you’ll run into a potential lead, so make sure you’re ready when the time hits. Store a stack in purses, wallets, briefcases, glove boxes, suitcases, suit jackets, etc. and you’ll know that you’re covered for any situation.

3)      Business Cards are Personal

Using business cards gives you the opportunity to actually make memorable connections with your potential lead. It's hard to make a connection with someone when your heads are both buried in your phone typing in one another’s information. With business cards, you simply hand over your business card, and carry on with your conversation. Spend the time you have with a client building a relationship, and let your business card do the hard work of sharing your contact information once the visit has ended. Business cards also leave a physical lasting impression. How frequently do contacts just "pop-up" on your phone? Almost never, right? But business cards physically remain with your customer as a reminder that you’re available to them. Doesn't get more personal than that!

4)      Business Cards are Inexpensive!

Now that we know we want to look like classy professionals, I'm sure the next thought is, "how much is this going to cost me?"? Well guess what, business cards are cheap! Here at Print Direct, 250 business cards start at just $17! That's a bargain! What a small price tag for a huge impact. If you want to have a business card with more bells and whistles, think foil stamping, die cutting or embossing, we can do that too! Simply submit a request for a custom quote and we can create it for you!

I think we can all agree at this point, business cards are important! You need them to put your best foot forward in the business world. Well lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Print Direct, we offer a wide range of business card options for you! We have both premium coated and uncoated stocks, single-sided and double sided, UV coating, rounded corners and even folded cards. Regardless of the look and feel you’re trying to convey, Print Direct has got you covered! To put the cherry on top of the business card sundae, all our business cards are currently 10% off! How could you go wrong? Hurry, go get your business cards now, and get your direct marketing heading in the right direction.

Carolyn Roberts

Director of Operations, Print Direct
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