5 Marketing Materials Your Business Needed Yesterday

Taking the plunge to start a new business can be intimidating. You’ve got to create the look and feel of your brand while ensuring you’re targeting the right audience with your messaging. THEN you have to figure out what are the best ways of reaching your identified target market.

Despite the digital shift of finding audiences online, print is arguably the backbone of any branding effort – and if you want to reach your targets effectively, there are printed marketing materials that every business should have.


Brochures – There are many places generic information about your services need to be presented. Your website for one, but what about when your audience is unplugged and can’t access online? Tradeshow attendees aren’t likely to search your website on the spot, and it’s best not to just hope your business card is enough to drive more conversations between you and the prospect you just met at the coffee shop.

A printed brochure gives you the opportunity to show them you’re passionate about what you have to offer by presenting a printed material that shines a light on how working with you would be beneficial. Design with quick consumption in mind by including attention-grabbing graphics and even highlight (with bullets or bolded words) to emphasize your value proposition.


Business Cards – Nothing screams unprofessional quite like a business card you can tell was produced on a home printer. Make a strong impression, and perhaps even spark up a conversation, with this tiny-but-powerful marketing piece. A quick and easy way to exchange information at expos and networking events, or hand a few to your customers to make the referral process even easier for them.


Envelopes – Sure, a lot of correspondence is handled through email these days, but there are still plenty of ways companies are utilizing the mail to deliver important documents like letterheads, invoices, etc. Stand-out in the mailbox and ensure you don’t land in the trash with professional-looking envelopes.


Postcards – Marketing with postcards continues to be one of the most successful ways to build your business for a lifetime of growth; after all, it gets you right in the hands of your customers.  Create interest and intrigue to motivate your customers to take the next step in the purchasing process.

Don’t forget to place your pitch strategically either. Mail carriers have to look at the address to deliver your mail – always place an attention-grabbing message on the back of your postcard to motivate customers on first contact. 


Folded Cards – Nothing says “I appreciate your time” more than a hand-written note on a greeting card, but folded cards can serve a much larger purpose than just a quick note. Many of our customers leverage the folded card format to create compact sales flyers, while others create flashy invitations that fill the room at their special events.

Here at Print Direct, we offer a wide range of these materials and more to make sure you stand-out with your audience. Have questions? Let us know how we may help get your new business off the ground.