7 Tips for the Perfect Postcard

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Postcards are a classic way to get a message into your customer’s hands. And better yet, it is delivered directly into their mailbox. Everyone is familiar with coming home to handful of postcards and sorting them into two distinct piles, “Keep” and “Toss”. But what’s the trick is making sure you make it into the “Keep” pile? Here are a few steps to help get into the good stack and make sure you spark interest from your customer.

        1. Create with Purpose

It’s important before you start any campaign to determine a clear a concise goal. Are you trying to increase business from a specific demographic? Is there a yearly clearance sell you’re trying to promote? Are you trying to reach out to new parents? It’s critical that you establish a specific market and then create a precise goal. Once you’ve generated those two things you can create a marketing plan that you attract exactly the clients you want!

 2. Simplicity is Key

The beauty of a postcard is its ability to deliver a big message in such a tiny package. However, you big message doesn’t need to be conveyed in too many words. Remember to keep it simple. Because it’s a postcard, and not War and Peace, make sure every word counts. The recipient is looking for a direct message and will only want to spend a brief amount of time scanning your postcard. Make your message brief, engaging, alluring and memorable. The goal is leave the customer wanting more information, ultimately leading them too your business!Coco Chanel Simplicity Quote

3. On Brand 

Now that you have your messaging down to a science, don’t forget to insert some of your own branding! Make sure your logo is prominent; you want the recipient to know who you are and how to find you. Be sure to include an easy and significant URL that will lead them directly to you. If you have a catchphrase or tagline to your business such as “we go the extra mile” or “we prepare it, so you don’t have to”, this is a perfect place to drive that message home. Make sure your business brand is front and center, so your customer knows what to expect from your company.

So Great Postcard Image4. Hello, Gorgeous!

Postcards come in all shapes and sizes, but if you want to get noticed, you need to make yours special. The first thing you should consider is creating an oversized postcard. Your postcard can be 6” x 11” and still qualify for letter-sized postage, so might as well get the biggest bang for Don’t forget that there are two sides to every postcard, so make sure both sides are equally beautiful! Often times, your customer starts reading the back of the card before they ever see the front, so be sure there is some cohesion between the front and back. Each side should make sense with the other, and you don’t want to neglect the design on the back. Be dazzling from every direction!your buck. It’s also crucial that you use high-quality artwork. It’s wildly important that all your images and photographs are high resolution and crisp. There’s nothing worse than spending a ton of time carefully crafting a postcard and then pairing it with subpar imagery. Make sure your artwork is beautiful.

5. Encourage a Response

Now that your customer has your beautifully designed and artfully worded postcard, you want to be sure to encourage a response! A few great ways to call a customer to action is to insert some sort of time sensitive terms. For example, if you offer a discount or bonus to your customer, include an expiration date. Your customer will be compelled to visit your business within the time frame to ensure they get the biggest savings. You can also promote a temporary sale or event that you want your customer to attend. The goal is give your customer an urge to visit you and your business and find out what you have to offer.Right Step Postcard Image

6. Think Outside the Rectangle

Postcards don’t just have to be delivered to mailboxes. Postcards are highly versatile! Postcards can be used as handouts, tickets, coupons, vouchers and much more! So whether you are mailing your postcard or not, try to consider all the other ways your company can benefit from your postcard. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how your message gets into your client’s hands, you just want it to get there. So be creative and make your postcard really work to your benefit.  

7.   Quality Printing

Last, but certainly not least, make sure you choose a high-quality printer to guarantee your artwork is produced to the best of its ability. And you are in luck! You’ve found a fantastic printer with Print Direct! We understand that even with the most thoughtful campaign, if the print quality is garbage, that’s exactly where your postcard will end up, in the trash. With over 30 years of experience, and our expert staff, we guarantee that postcards printed here, are printed beautifully. We use premium 14pt paper (both glossy and uncoated!) with vibrant full-color process, so your postcard is sure to shine! Check out all our available options here


Now you’re ready to take the postcard world by storm! Follow these 7 simple steps and you are sure to catch the eye of your future customers! 

Carolyn Roberts

Director of Operations, Print Direct
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