NEW PRODUCT ALERT...Custom Retractable Banners!

Zeeport Retractable Banner Banners are awesome. They are a great, BIG way to spread a message. Better yet, there is a particular banner that really exudes professionalism and ease, retractable banners! Retractable banners are portable banners that can be set-up virtually anywhere you want. Each banner comes with a soft carrying case, so transportation is effortless. The compact roll-up banner is easy to assemble and is perfect for conventions, seminars, presentations, storefronts, sales events and more. These banners are sharp, professional and eye-catching, therefore sure to grab attention. 
Print Direct Retractable Banner 1


Print Direct prints all of its retractable banners in brilliant full-color process on high-quality 13oz SuperSmooth™ PET Greyback Vinyl. This vinyl is fantastic for several reasons, but a few of the main reasons are:

      • Non-Curling Material – your banner will always look crisp in its stand 
      • SuperSmooth™ Surface – perfect for high resolution printing and imagery
      • Greyback – The grey back prevents transparency from light and limits shadowing

This fabulous material is then installed into an attractive, sturdy aluminum stand. The stand has two feet to keep it stable and comes with a soft carrying case, so moving it from place-to-place is easy!

Print Direct Retractable Banner 2Retractable banners are fantastic, but maybe you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve got that too! We have standard vinyl banners available as well! Our vinyl banners are available with several options. We can print single-sided or double-sided, on 13oz vinyl or 15oz vinyl. We have the option of both matte and gloss finishes. Do you already have some hardware you need to hang a banner on? We can sew pole pockets for you! Maybe you need to hang the banner somewhere; we can install grommets to make that easy! Whatever you need, we can help.

Pizza and Pasta Hanging Banner

While we have several options for you to choose from, maybe you still need something a little different. All you need to do is ask! Go ahead and contact us, and we will do our best to satisfy your needs. Customer service is always a top priority here at Print Direct. When you’re happy, we’re happy.  Let us know what we can do to assist you. 

Carolyn Roberts

Director of Operations, Print Direct
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